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Cell Spy Free is a free cell phone spy monitoring app that you can use to monitor your children’s activities. Monitor SMS Text messages, Voice Call Logs, and GPS locations. Other applications offer an online control panel where you can login and view information sent from the target mobile cell. You have control of your Personal Information instead of some unknown application developer. Cell Spy Free sends the information sent from your target cell to your personal Gmail account.





Incoming/Outgoing SMS Text Monitoring – Receive all incoming and outgoing SMS text message directly to your Gmail account as they take place. Cell Spy Free sends the message to your inbox immediately before the user has a chance to delete. Details include the number that the SMS text message was sent to or received from, and the full content of the message. If the SMS text message came from a known contact in the mobile cell’s contact list, then the contact name will be displayed with the phone number. And if there is an uknown number you can easily trace the number to see who is sending or receiving SMS text messages from your target cell.

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Incoming/Outgoing Voice Call Monitoring – Receive all incoming and outgoing SMS text message directly to your Gmail account as they take place. See who has been calling or calls that have been made. You will see the call time, duration, and contact name if listed in the target cell’s contacts. If the number is not listed as a contact you can easily trace the number to see who called or who was called.

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Track GPS Location On Demand – Track the location of the target mobile phone by sending a secret SMS text message to the target cell without the user knowing. You will recieve the exact location of the target phone displayed in Google Maps sent directly to your Gmail account. Cell Spy Free also can keep track of location using GSM when GPS is not available. Cell Spy Free also does Historical Tracking so you can see the GPS check points that were created throughout the day.

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Remote Recording (Advanced Version Only) – Know what is going on if you child or employee isn’t answering the phone. Record the surroundings of the target mobile phone and have a recording sent directly to your email. Note: This feature does not record voice calls.

Monitor Cell Phone Browsing History

Website History (Advanced Version Only) – Do you know which websites your children are visiting? Monitor websites that the target mobile phone has visited. Website History will now be included in your reports.

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– Only Compatible with Android –

Not compatible with Third Party SMS –
Applications such as Handcent

– Requires in-hand access to install on the target phone –

– Requires internet access on the target phone –


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Usage Disclaimer

Any of our cell spy apps are not intended to be used on someone’s phone without their consent or knowledge. We are not responsible for your actions with our software. Our software was designed to monitor children and employees that are aware of the application installation.
Our apps have been designed to be compatible with all phones or where otherwise noted. Please understand that we can not test on each phone and Operating System version. There may be bugs with your particular phone configuration. Please check our FAQ page if you experience any issues. No refunds are available after download.


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